power of words

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like 30 Seconds to Mars.
Stranger: R U ENGLISH
You: but i speak english quite good
Stranger: argjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
Stranger: omg
Stranger: right
Stranger: when i went to turkey me and my family met a german couple
Stranger: and i had to translate
Stranger: and the german man was funny and wore glasses and was really nice
Stranger: and i don't speak german
Stranger: so we just nodded and laughed at each other
You: and I love pizza
Stranger: FUK U
Stranger: I MEANT YEAH
Stranger: SORRY
You: it's ok
You: everything gonna be alright
You: calm down
Stranger: are you excited for christmas?
You: i hate christmas, to be honest
You: people are insane
You: these days
Stranger: same my mum nearly died on christmas last year
Stranger: and i remember like calling my friends up hoping their christmas tree would burst into flames
You: oh, i'm sorry for that.. my dad died 2 years ago
Stranger: oh im sorry about that
Stranger: it sucks huh :/ are you doing okay?
You: well, yes.. most of the time i hide my sadness about it because people won't listen to me.. i feel okay after 2 years now
You: but i'm not over it and i guess i'll never be
Stranger: my friend's dad died a few years ago and she told me even though the pain doesn't ease, it gets easier to deal with if you get me
You: of course life must go on, but see.. just thinking about my children never get to know their granddad.. and he'll never see me as a bride.. never see how i graduate from school.. i think you know what i mean
Stranger: yeah it does and you just have to remain positive. He's always with you, it sounds stupid, but he's there in your memories and in your heart. The pain of him leaving is just a reminder that he was there and you've got to remember all of the good things about him. He'll be watching down on you, you may not believe that but I do. Anyways, I'm gonna go now but have a good christmas and have fun :) x
You: Thank you, stranger.. you really made me cry but in a positive way
You: thank you.. and have a nice christmas too
You: i'll be thinking of you
Stranger: i don't know if i should say your welcome for making you cry, but have a great christmas :) x

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